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Energijske karte: Sporočila višje zavesti

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Each card in this deck represents a painting I made following my life’s calling of bringing into the world, messages of love and empowerment.

TRIGGERS meant to remind all human beings of the real purpose of our existence, the reason why we came to this beautiful home, in the first place.
Our planet is massively TRANSFORMING. We see people suddenly blooming, turning their life around, expressing their love, light, and life mission.
Essentially, we are all capable of MAGIC. It is our grand design as human beings. We are al made for LOVE and connection. And we all have a natural gift we are supposed to bring and manifest here.

These paintings generate from ancient knowledge, emotional alchemy, clairvoyance, psychology, archetypes, shamanism, lucid dreaming, and, at the HEART of everything, my intuition.

Their MISSION is to assist you in your JOURNEY.
They represent doors to your inner world, your heart, and Higher Self.
They are YOU, US, ALL.

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Ask them anything you want and choose each one with the awareness that your Higher Self and all your guides are continually trying to communicate with you. 
Open your heart and read their messages. 
You can ask questions like :
What am I supposed to learn from this situation?
What have I learned in the past?
What is that my guides want me to know?
What is currently blocking my progress?
What should I know about a given person?
What are my blind spots?
What will the future bring if I take this path?
What should I improve so I manage this situation?
What is my life mission?

There are no limits on how to use them nor any strict rules. 
I believe that we carry all the answers we need, should we make space and silence in our hearts, to find them.

May inspiration guide your path and may love lead the way.

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